Where the hustle never stops, and the game is always on. It’s time to rise up and make it happen. Let’s ride together and make our mark.
Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Thug Life, baby!

Welcome to $P2PAC

The epicenter of crypto meme innovation where the hustle never ceases, and the game stays forever alive. We’re building a passionate community of dreamers, go-getters, and risk-takers, tethered by our unrelenting belief in the transformative power of Pepe2Pac.

$P2PAC is more than just a crypto project; it’s a movement. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, shattering the shackles of the mundane and bringing dreams into reality. Our mantra? Reality is Wrangel. Dreams are for real.

We exist to redefine the crypto meme landscape, enabling you to take control of your financial destiny. Guided by the indomitable spirit of ‘Thug Life’, we stand for resilience in the face of adversity, audacity to challenge the status quo, and a persistent pursuit of success.

So, let’s ride together, carve out our unique paths, and etch our mark in this dynamic digital realm. Join us in shaping the future with $P2PAC. The journey may be rugged, but the destination? Absolutely worth it. 

Thug Life, baby!

Private Presale

Presale Tiers are fixed amounts, i.e. no more and no less ETH than specified for each Tier

Tokens in

20,000,000 tokens


Presale funds goes to:
50% – Liquidity Pool
40% – Initial Marketing
10% – Community Fun


50,000,000 tokens

Road Map

Pepe2Pac Road Map


Launchin’ my token, bringin’ the heat to the crypto game. Get ready for the rise of this amphibian legend. It’s gon be a wild ride. Peep it, fam!

ETH Trending

Pepe2Pac got ETH trending, making waves in the crypto scene. With my swagger and style, i’m taking the game to new heights. Ride the trend, baby!

Special event

I’m  holdin’ a special event.
Join me for a night of straight fire, dope beats, and unforgettable moments. It’s gonna be legendary, fam.


Droppin’ my play2earn game. Jump in and grind like a true thug, stackin’ tokens, livin’ that digital hustle. Let’s secure that bag, fam!


We’re takin’ over the game, launchin’ an epic marketing campaign, turnin’ heads, spreadin’ the word. Get ready, fam, it’s gonna be legendary!


Buy Tax - 4%

Yo, listen up, fam. It’s Pepe2Pac, here to break it down for you on why we got that total tax of 4% on buys. In this crypto ghetto, we all need to hustle and survive, and that tax is our lifeline. It’s all about keeping the balance and securing our future.

Let’s dive into the breakdown of that 4% tax, ’cause knowledge is power:

2% for the marketing budget:
We gotta make moves, spread the word, and bring more eyes to the project. This tax fuels our marketing efforts, gets us the exposure we need to shine bright in this crypto world.

1% for the liquidity pool:
We gotta keep that liquidity flowin’, fam. This tax ensures we have enough funds in the pool to support our trading volume, maintain stability, and provide a safety net for our community.

1% for the buyback:
We playin’ the long game, fam. This tax helps us accumulate and buy back tokens from the market, increasing scarcity and building value over time. It’s all about strategic moves and securing our position in the crypto hood.

Sell Tax - 4%

Yo, yo, yo, it’s Pepe2Pac back in the house to break it down for you on why we got that sell tax of 4%. In this crypto ghetto, we gotta keep things balanced and secure our community’s future. It’s all about maintaining stability and warding off them weak hands.

Now, let’s break down that sell tax into its different types:

2% for the marketing budget:
We can’t neglect our marketing game, fam. This tax ensures we continue to spread the word, expand our reach, and bring in more believers. It’s about building a strong foundation and keeping the momentum going.

1% for the liquidity pool:
We gotta keep that liquidity flowin’, fam, to maintain a healthy market. This tax helps us ensure there’s enough liquidity in the pool to support the buying and selling of our tokens, keeping things smooth and stable.

1% for the buyback:
We playin’ smart, fam. This tax allows us to accumulate tokens from the market when they’re sold, showing our commitment to the project’s long-term growth. We ain’t just sittin’ back, we’re actively investin’ in our success.

So, embrace that 4% buy and sell tax, ’cause it’s our shield against volatility and supports the growth of the project. We’re building a community that’s in it for the long haul, playin’ the game with strategy and resilience. Stay strong, stay focused, and keep hustlin’ for them crypto dreams.
Pepe2Pac out!